Thursday, April 11, 2019

Argentina, Indonesia, Sweden Cast vote in Meghalaya

Argentina, Indonesia, Italy, and Sweden have voted today to their representative to the Lok Sabha Election 2019 first phase at Shillong and Tura Lok Sabha seat in Meghalaya.

Are you shocked, how these countries have voting rights in this North East state of India? Now it’s time to grow your Knowledge that Argentina, Indonesia, Italy, Nigeria, and Sweden are the names of Voters of Umniuh-Tmar Elaka in East Khasi Hills district under Shella constituency in Meghalaya.

During every election in this region of Meghalaya, Voters are more highlighted or in discussion than leaders, due to the strange names of the voters, that will surprise you when you hear their names.

Peoples with such strange names live at Indo-Bangladesh Border

Peoples with such strange but unique names are live in Umnih Tamar village which is situated at Indo-Bangladesh border. Peoples from this region are not more educated but they love English and their love for English glances in the voter list of this region which are covered with the name of the villages, cities, and countries

More than a thousand voters are listed in this region in which anyone can find the name as Goa, Kashmir, Tripura, Dispur, Bombay, Vellore, and Mysore, a local official said.

Love for speaking English, but not know the meaning

Peoples from this region are not more educated but they love English, but they do not know the meaning of words they use. They choose their names randomly. Here Sweden is the name of a father, and Sweater is the name of his Son. 

Peoples with the names like Vari Macha, Agreements, Requests, Lair, Wireless, Dial, Circle, Spot, Symbol, Purify, System, Incharge, Evening, Correction, etc. are also present here. The total numbers of the voters at Shillong and Tura Lok Sabha seats in Meghalaya are 18,92,716. 1146 voting booths are created by the Election Commission.


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